Contract anonymization and connection with ISRS

Remove sensitive or personal data from documents from various sources. Avoid extra work and gain more useful functions.

Do you remove confidential data in documents by scratching or crossing it out with a marker, then scanning it and sending it out?

Forget this tedious work, which is only decreasing your productivity and increasing the risk of errors. The module DOCU‑X Redact complex solution allows anonymization and metadata recognition from scanned documents, email attachments and picture files.


Achieve higher productivity in your company:

  • All-in-one solution for document anonymization
  • Quick blackening of entire words or paragraphs with one click
  • Fast and easy data capture from a document without transcription (by clicking only)
  • An unlimited number of users for one license
  • Document view prior to export to contract Register
  • Increased process productivity thanks to data entry time savings
  • Decrease in possible errors or discrepancies
  • Processing all basic document types into a searchable PDF/A format

A detailed description of solutions to manage contract anonymization and integration with ISRS

Permanent removal of sensitive information

Anonymization ensures the permanent removal of sensitive information, such as personal data of natural persons, account numbers, trade secrets or contract pricing, etc.

Anonymization with conversion into searchable PDF/A

Automatic anonymization is followed by a conversion into a searchable PDF/A format and export directly into contract register, if needed. Filing services or selected data boxes.

Data recognition without manual transcription

Automated data recognition is accomplished with simple text clicking in a document, which eliminates the need for users to transcribe information (for example, contract parties, number and date of contract signing, total payment amount) into systems, forms or registers, needed for a given document.

Expanded functionality with data box connectors

The solution can be expanded by adding connectors for various numbers of data boxes of individual subjects, which is a functionality appreciated mainly by large organizations, towns or entities providing services to multiple subjects.

Register placement confirmation

The system will send a notification email or message to a data box to confirm register placement.

Throw away black markers and start removing sensitive data by simply clicking with DOCU‑X OCR Redact.