Automated invoice processing

Automated invoice processing

reseni ocr orez
reseni ocr orez

Introduce a clear system for receiving invoices and approving them. Minimize paper form circulation and achieve a faster, more effective and transparent process.

Does your company receive paper invoices and do your employees have to copy them and file them into binders? Or do they have to open every email, print the attachment and file it in order to process the invoice?

Put a stop to these ineffective processes, which only increase your company’s costs as well as risks of error.



The solution also contains the system DOCU‑X DMS, and upon its extension you will be able to effectively manage all company documentation.

Receive and process invoices with ease

  • No need to transcribe invoice data into ERP
  • Full-text document search available
  • Documents are accessible as soon as they are stored in DOCU‑X DMS
  • Lower your cost of administration material
  • Protection against invoice loss
  • Accelerate the invoice approval process
  • Increase the clarity and transparency of the process

A detailed description of solutions for managing vendor invoicing.

Recognize data when scanning received invoices
The DOCU‑X OCR system will automatically recognize necessary data and store it in an electronic archive. If needed, data can be sent to ERP (issue date, payment due date, prices, etc.). Just this step brings advantages - no more transcription of document data into ERP and no more data entry errors.
Store received invoices from an e‐mail directly into DOCU‑X DMS
The system is able to store invoices directly from an email or after a scan. Documents are placed in an electronic archive and can be immediately shared by all users, with appropriate permissions.
The invoice is protected from loss, and there are fewer paper copies. What is more, branch employees are able to access documents in headquarters.
Automated approval process of a received invoice
No more paper copies circulating around the company. The entire process is faster and cleaner. No more invoice loss, no more copy work. Management is always up to date on “whose desk” the invoice is on, and they can also view it. There is an option to generate reports, for example, a list of all unapproved invoices, etc.