DOCU‑X OCR — automated data recognition from company documents

DOCU‑X OCR - automated data recognition from company documents

Do not waste your time transcribing data from documents. Automate processes and lower your hiring expenses. The system will read the data off the scanned documents and store them in your information system with minimal data entry errors.

Produkt OCR orez
Produkt OCR orez

DOCU-X OCR will help your company if you are:

  • Losing time with transcribing data from documents.
  • Frustrated with having to invest into hiring an administrative worker to cover transcription.
  • Forced to manually check invoice data, delivery notes, applications, etc.
  • Struggling with data entry errors, hoping to find a solution.
  • Need to speed up document processing.
  • Want to connect your ERP with the data recognition system.

How to process 3 × more invoices in the same time with DOCU-X OCR

With DOCU-X OCR, you can speed up data rewriting by 80% in your company. See how it works.


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Low cost data recognition

Time savings thanks to data recognition
80% faster data transcription with DOCU-X OCR.
Minimizing costs associated with document related work
Documents enter the company and the internal systems with minimal effort.
No user intervention needed
Fully automated document flow without user intervention in case the system determines 100% certainty.
Smart, learning algorithms
Real-time algorithm learning - improves results during automated data recognition.
Automatic check of recognized data
Automatic validation of recognized and assigned data with highlighted error values.
A significant decrease in the data error rate
Data checked according to set rules and compared with other data sources.
Any document available for recognition
Invoices, orders, delivery notes and other structured or semi-structured documents.
Integration with information systems
Integrated with ERP, CRM and other systems for direct storage of recognized data.