DOCU‑X OCR — automated data recognition from company documents

DOCU‑X OCR will help your company if you are:

  • Losing time with transcribing data from documents.
  • Frustrated with having to invest into hiring an administrative worker to cover transcription.
  • Forced to manually check invoice data, delivery notes, applications, etc.
  • Struggling with data entry errors, hoping to find a solution.
  • Need to speed up document processing.
  • Want to connect your IS with the data recognition system.

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Low cost data recognition:

Time savings thanks to data recognition

80% faster data transcription with DOCU‑X OCR.

Minimizing costs associated with document related work

Documents enter the company and the internal systems with minimal effort.

No user intervention needed

Fully automated document flow without user intervention in case the system determines 100% certainty.

Smart, learning algorithms

Real-time algorithm learning – improves results during automated data recognition.

Automatic check of recognized data

Automatic validation of recognized and assigned data with highlighted error values.

A significant decrease in the data error rate

Data checked according to set rules and compared with other data sources.

Any document available for recognition

Invoices, orders, delivery notes and other structured or semi-structured documents.

Integration with information systems

Integrated with ERP, CRM and other systems for direct storage of recognized data.

Thanks to DOCU‑X OCR solutions, the following companies are able to work faster and with ease:

DOCU‑X OCR advantages, functions and options in detail:

Data entry check against the data from the information system

The system enables automatic validation (check) of recognized and assigned data. Following an attribute value entry by either recognition or assignment, a check of the value in your ERP system is performed. If a value is incorrect, the attribute is highlighted in red and an explanatory error message is displayed – invoice duplication, account number discrepancy, etc.

Automated document management without user intervention

With DOCU‑X OCR, all you need to do to create and store a document is to place the paper version of the document into a scanner. Scanned or other documents, stored electronically in the entry address book, can be processed completely automatically.

Email Watcher – automated invoice recognition from e‑mail

If you are getting your invoices via email, there is no need to download them or transcribe them manually. Email Watcher can automatically, without the need to manually store it in an entry folder, select and recognize the file with the invoice.

Decrease the time needed to process a document.

DOCU‑X OCR recognizes document data thanks to earlier learning experiences and the use of key words. As such, the document is stored with correct description data, without user intervention. There is no need to store the document manually or transcribe its data into the system.

This process will save you time with document storage and allow you to focus on your business instead.

A significant decrease in data error rate

When you transcribe data from documents manually, it is very easy to make a mistake. You can avoid processing incorrect data by using DOCU‑X OCR.

Recognized data is validated against set rules, and captured values can also be validated by checking other data sources, for example your information system. Texts from a scanned document with low reliability of recognized data can still be submitted for a manual check by a user, decreasing the risk of error.

Less labor intensive = less costly

By making the document workflow less labor intensive, by automating data entry verification and processing, you will save employee time not just during the actual workflow process but also by avoiding the need to deal with various data discrepancies.

The system will learn your documents thanks to an algorithm.

The system is based on an algorithm, which learns gradually and subsequently improves its data recognition results. As the number of processed documents grows, the system automatically stores the newest information to the knowledge base and chooses the best suitable location for recognizing individual values.

The entire learning process is completely automated, running in the background, so that the user experience is as simplified as possible.

Recognition of any document type

Thanks to the learning algorithm, any document type can be recognized, for example invoices, orders, delivery notes, technical certifications, forms and others. The system is able to learn how to recognize nearly any structured or semi-structured document.

Integration with your information system

The OCR connection with the information system allows direct record storage in your IS using recognized data. No more complicated data transcription from documents or manual processing and storage of records in IS.

The scanned document can be stored in the DOCU‑X DMS system, and at the same time its link can be attached to the record in the information system. Only moments after scanning the document, you will find the appropriate record filed in the information system, including a link to that document.