Managing and tracking contracts

Keep track of all contracts at your company. Take advantage of a tool capable of not just creating a contract, but also tracking all its versions, changes and comments. What is more, it will also keep an eye on the contract expiration date and other deadlines.

Dozens of contracts pass through your company’s premises, whether created by you or your partners. In paper form, they take up too much space, are hard to keep track of and are nearly impossible to search through.

When dealing with all this paperwork, it’s easy to make a mistake during the administration process, or it’s possible to even lose a contract.


Navigate with clarity through all your contracts

  • Full-text search available for all your contracts
  • Using an electronic archive to store contracts – to prevent loss (version control)
  • Access to contracts according to access privileges
  • Simplify the entire process

A detailed description of solutions to manage contract creation and tracking

The storage of contracts in a scanned form with an option for editing

The DOCU‑X DMS system will allow you to store contracts in a scanned form with the option to edit them. By doing so, you will have a clear overview of all contracts, with the ability to search for a particular contract or a piece of information in it.

Contract templates, commenting and approval

DOCU‑X DMS allows you to create your own templates for contracts. It also manages contract drafting, comments on the draft, processes comments, and performs approval of the contract and the signature.

Complete company documentation service upon extension

As the DOCU‑X DMS system is a part of this solution, you are getting not only an app for contract storage, but with an extension, you will be able to electronically service your entire company documentation.

Contract coordination throughout the entire organization

DOCU‑X does not work only as a contract storage. You are able to create these documents and collaborate on them with several users or various company departments.

Keep all your contracts organized and under control! Take advantage of our solutions, with an integrated system for the management of electronic and scanned documents as an integral part.