ISO documentation management

Digitalize your entire company ISO documentation. Use DOCU‑X DMS and avoid problems with the creation, approval or updates of internal processes.

Every business has its internal and external norms necessary to maintain process quality and business performance.

Especially large companies run into problems when dealing with the creation, approval or updates of their process management. The distribution of updated versions to pertinent employees is also no small task.

The entire process, organization, administration, labor and time costs, is rather a daunting task involving the coordinated efforts of many employees.


Make your ISO document maintenance effective

  • Digitalization of the entire process of documentation management
  • Approval and change management automation
  • Document version maintenance, document history overview and browsing option
  • Lowering costs – no more paper documentation for approval, change management and distribution
  • Increased employee productivity related to the management and maintenance of processes
  • Considerable facilitation of internal audits, process certifications and re-certifications for ISO systems

A detailed solution description for ISO documentation maintenance

Create new processes using templates

Simplify your work when creating new procedures We offer template-based solutions tailored to faster and easier set up of processes and procedures, with a clearly defined structure.

Commenting and review approval

DOCU‑X DMS enables a controlled process for comments and approvals, where selected users work on one document and their activities are tracked, ensuring proper and complete process overview.

The electronic distribution of processes by a responsible user

Simply select a group of users or concrete users and assign a task with just one click, as part of the commenting or approval process. Simultaneously, the responsible user will see who complied/did not comply with the task and their reaction.

Publication of current processes

Once a document is fully approved, it is shared with all company users, who are expected to follow this document/regulation, via email notification.

Automatic removal of access to obsolete process documents.

When you are creating new or updating old processes, you can inadvertently skip over the old ones that are obsolete. With our solution, you will be able to automatically remove access/archive them, saving you time that can better be spent on other projects.

Easy process revision

With the version control system, process revision is easier than ever before. Every change made in a document is identified as a new version of the document, and at the same time, the document version number is changed automatically.

Archival of current and obsolete processes

Keep all your processes organized! Even though you remove some documents or processes, you could always use them in the future. An archive of current and obsolete processes keeps the ISO documentation in check – everything is always easy to find.

This solution is part of DOCU‑X DMS. At your disposal is not only an application for ISO documentation maintenance, but (once extended) an option to manage all company documentation.