Data box management

You can count on your data messages staying safe for good! The solution will store your data message with all its attachments, giving you instant access and control.

An average application by the Czech Post removes data messages after 90 days. If you are not in control, then you can lose them forever.

Avoid problems with data message storage – keep them under your own control. The module DOCU‑X Data box will store your messages in a secure storage with all their attributes.


Keep your data boxes safe

  • Long-term data message storage (a Czech Post application removes data messages after 90 days)
  • Instant access to your message from anywhere within your company
  • The option to automatically categorize according to the message metadata
  • Approval process runs once data message is received
  • Complete overview of message status available
  • Deadline monitoring

A detailed description of solutions for managing data boxes

Storage with all necessary attributes

The module will safely store your data correspondence together with all its attributes (envelope) and attachments including delivery note and ZFO file, which contains the entire data correspondence including electronic signature and which can be used as a proof of data correspondence.

Easy access to correspondence in the data box

All data correspondence is being uploaded to a secure data storage on your server without having to constantly login into a web interface. The credentials are entered into the system settings, and so the data correspondence can be downloaded simply with a click. Users who are managing data correspondence in the data box are not required to know the password for the data box.

Managing data correspondence with Workflow

The DOCU‑X Workflow allows the automation of data correspondence circulation even after it is downloaded into the archive. Once the data is stored, it can be made available, according to its attributes, to the responsible users. Also, automation can be set up to monitor the due date for each action item and to notify responsible users via email.

Maintain absolute control over your data messages. With our solution and system DOCU‑X DMS, you will have instant access to your data messages and they will be stored safely.