DOCU‑X DMS — managing your electronic and scanned documents effectively and safely

Find the ultimate solution for working with documents and data, using a single, clever, robust and affordable software with Workflow. Effective storage, maintenance, document flow and process automatization will ensure maximum productivity while taking a minimum amount of your time.

DOCU‑X DMS can help your company if you:

  • Keep losing documents and cannot find them within seconds.
  • Need to take notice of every document.
  • Need to keep track of your document flow.
  • Make copies often and do not have storage space for stacks of files.
  • Need information from documents, which are presently not available to you.
  • Need to ensure certain employees can only access certain documents.
  • Are not able to track and find a certain document at a given moment.
  • Do not know, for example, whether an invoice has been approved or not.

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Invest your time and money into more important things

Reduce your company expenses

Reduce cost associated with document maintenance, making copies, the purchase of binders and storage space.

Easy access from anywhere

Systematic access to your documents from anywhere, anytime.

A robust solution for an affordable price

A quick return on investment for complex solutions suitable for small and mid-size companies.

Access and responsibilities setup

Setup concrete responsibilities and access privileges for each document

Automation of document flow with Workflow

Document loss and damage protection. Centralized archiving.

Safe storage and archiving

Zabezpečení proti ztrátě a zničení dokumentů. Archivace v centralizovaném úložišti.

Fast and effective search

Find your documents within seconds, without losing productivity time.

Integrated with ERP, CRM and other systems

More effective functionality in environments you are familiar with – internal systems and MS Outlook.

Support and customization

Implementation, post-implementation support and customization solutions by a trained user.

In Czech and user friendly.

Genuine Czech software with the entire interface in Czech language, user friendly and intuitive to operate.

The following companies are benefiting from DOCU‑X DMS solutions:

Advantages, functions and capabilities of DOCU‑X DMS system in detail

Safe archiving of scanned and electronic documents.

Safe storage for all documents, which are physically placed on a secured data warehouse server. This ensures no one has direct access to documents in order to modify or delete them or copy and remove the entire data storage.

Automated document revision management

DOCU‑X DMS establishes a clear system for the storage of documents into folders with its description data. Thanks to the repository system, you will never miss a document change. Each version of a document is stored separately, referencing user, date and time of storage and can be viewed or edited at any time.

A higher level of document security and permission-based controlled access

Only users with the appropriate permissions will be able to access your documents in DOCU‑X DMS. Prior to displaying the document, the system verifies that the user has permission to access the requested document.

A complete history of the document manipulation and its changes

All document and metadata changes are stored in the record history. You always have a complete overview of how and when a document was manipulated, and by whom.

Fast and easy document search

Every document is described by metadata, which enable effective search, sort and filter functions. You can quickly find all the documents you need and avoid complicated data retrieval in binders or directories on your computer.

Saved time reduces the cost of working with documents so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Connecting related documents

A view of each document generates links to other related documents, for example, when viewing an invoice, you are only one click away from the order, delivery note or contract and other related documents.

Outlook Plugin – e‑mail and attachment transfer to DOCU‑X DMS

DOCU‑X Outlook Plugin automatically saves emails or attachments directly to a specific DOCU‑X DMS folder. This eliminates the need to browse every email because all emails and their attachments are stored in the desired folder.

Access documents directly from your information system

With DOCU‑X DMS, you can easily access documents directly from your information system. A link to a document stored in DOCU‑X is stored in the information system and will enable you to access documents pertaining directly to this record (e.g., invoice, delivery note, contract, etc.).

Workflow for managing a document life cycle

Workflow enables the setup and management of a document life cycle in a way that corresponds with company processes. Workflow determines individual steps for the document with a clear definition of responsibilities for given activities. The approval process can be managed by the user or automatically, based on known data assessment.

Process optimization data

Uncover your process weaknesses with the help of Workflow statistics. You will discover which user is overloaded with tasks, who takes the longest to fulfill an action item or which parts of the process cause the longest Workflow down time. Workflow will contribute to problem identification, and the data gained will serve as a basis for process optimization or rather increased effectiveness and speed.

Faster and easier management of document flow

Thanks to Workflow, documents do not have to be passed and carried around in paper form. Thanks to Workflow, the document moves from one step of the process flow to the next practically without delay, and all key users can access it at all times.

Overview on process update and approval

DOCU‑X offers access to workflow history for individual records. You have constant access to the up-to-date status of a concrete workflow, of already finished actions – what steps are concluded, who finished them and when, and with what result.

Workflow also offers a special list of a record’s approval status, showing all participating users, including those who still need to approve the document.

No documents needed for agenda use

Workflow runs once the records are in the electronic document archive, however the records do not need attached documents. This way you are able to use Workflow for managing action items or other agendas not directly connected with documents.

Modifiable e‑mail notifications

Workflow allows you to configure email notifications for various activities. For example, you may be notified when a new document is filed, that you have a document to manage, that your Workflow, or the Workflow of your employee, has been awaiting approval for 2 days, or that a document has already been approved.

It only depends on what activities of which you wish to be notified. A notification email always contains a link, which allows you to approve directly in the email – you do not have to open DOCU‑X.

Integration with any information system

DOCU‑X was designed to integrate easily with any information system, such as ERP or CRM.

Archiving of data correspondence

The data box DOCU‑X module will safely store your data correspondence together with all its attributes (envelope) and attachments including delivery note and ZFO file, which contains the entire data correspondence including electronic signature and which can be used as a proof of data correspondence. Though correspondence in the data box is deleted after 90 days, DOCU‑X stores them permanently.

Easy access to correspondence in the data box

All data correspondence is being uploaded to a secure data storage on your server without having to constantly login into a web interface. The credentials are entered in the system settings, and so the data correspondence can be downloaded simply with a click. Users who are managing data correspondence in the data box are not required to know the password for the data box.

Managing data correspondence with Workflow

The system allows the automation of data correspondence circulation even after it is downloaded into the archive. Once the data is stored, it can be made available, according to its attributes, to the responsible users. Also, automation can be set up to monitor the due date for each action item and to notify responsible users via email.