For 7 years we have been saving your time and money with document processing

With the DOCU‑X software, you will increase your work effectiveness and decrease you document administration costs at your company. Time is the most expensive commodity in life. The manual transcription or processing of hundreds, even thousands, of documents is keeping employees busy, whose time and energy could be more effective elsewhere.

The issue of document management interested us, which is why 10 years ago we founded a Czech company, SOCOS IT, and started developing our own software for document management, related modules and integrated solutions.

We are successfully fulfilling our goals – our client and partner feedback is a testimony to that. We offer you the same: fair game, long-term cooperation but mainly useful solution, which will help you achieve your goals.

Michal Šos
Responsible representative

Our Team – body and soul of SOCOS IT. Meet the team

Michal Šos
Managing Director

In his student days, Michal participated in many interesting projects at the Faculty of Economics and Management at ČZU in Prague. 7 years ago, he turned those experiences into an idea, DOCU‑X software, and established SOCOS IT.

Ever since then, he has been fully dedicated to the development and implementation of document management solutions. As part of our team, he has an irreplaceable role in leading projects and overseeing the overall strategy for the future development of DOCU‑X products.

After work, he loves to relax with all types of technical gadgets, and if they have 4 wheels in ratio 1:1, even better.

Jiří Cmíral
Sales Director

Jiří joined the team 3 years after the start of the company with a challenging resolution – to build an international business partner network for DOCU‑X sales. He graduated from Faculty of mechanical engineering in Brno. He dedicated his entire professional life to document management and now he is using his extensive experience in business and marketing activities. Weather in dealings with partners or end customers.

Travel and discovery are his biggest hobbies. You can run into him in the mountains or challenge him to a game of badminton.

Jakub Libík
Lead Developer

Jakub has been in our team for 8 years now and we are really glad to have him. Being a graduate of Faculty of informatics and statistics at VŠE and also very meticulous, he is in charge of the development and implementation of individual products and also technical solutions, which seem unsolvable at first.

Jakub enjoys playing a ukulele. He loves to swing and practice tai-chi.

Zbyněk Dufka
Software Consultant

Starting during his college years, Zbyněk proved a perfect fit for the team for his fascinating knowledge gained at The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication at VUT in Brno. Since 2010 he works as a consultant for implementations OCR, DMS and WorkFlow and is in charge of projects.

He is responsible for customer support as part of requirement management. Our customers love Zbyněk as communication with him is a lot of fun.

He loves to explore information and mobile technologies and considers as cool relax anything, where he can stretch – soccer, biking, hiking, snowboarding.

David Wiesner
Software Consultant

David is the newest addition to our team. Graduated from Communications and Informatics at VUT in Brno and his skills predetermined him for work with project implementation and subsequent support of supplied solution.

He keeps busy all year long – plays soccer, hockey, squash, likes to cross-country ski and snowboard, and so he sparkles with energy at all times.